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 Meet Our Directors!



Nancy and Gary Burns have dedicated themselves to Pathfinder Day Camp as owners and directors since 1995. With combined experience of over 65 years, they are no strangers to camp life.

Nancy began her time at Pathfinder as a camper in 1965 and has worked her way through the ranks from camper to counselor to supervisor to director. Following in the footsteps of her parents, Nancy has ensured that the spirit of camp continues to grow and evolve as years go on. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Parson's School of Design.

Gary began his time at Pathfinder in 1989 as a lifeguard and Aquatics Director. His devotion has shown no bounds as he contributed wherever need be- including a short stint as driver to one of Pathfinder's buses. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Downstate Medical and served for ten years in the US Navy.

Together, they live on Pathfinder's grounds during the summer months, devoting their time and energy to guaranteeing a perfect summer experience for every child. They take pride in their unique hands-on approach to direction, never missing a day of camp and continuously keeping watch over daily operations.



Ray has been a director at Pathfinder for many years and also attended Pathfinder as a camper. He is a highly experienced public school teacher, possessing a Masters Degree in Education.  During the year, Ray works as a Junior High Social Studies teacher and baseball coach at the Springs School in East Hampton, NY.

Ray’s long term experience as a camp director and educator; help to make our Pathfinder family a most professional group.

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